What is Microfinance?


The video produced by Kiva

Microfinance is the practice of providing financial services such as working capital, loans, savings, and insurance to people living in poverty. Such basic financial tools help them work their way out of poverty, build and run businesses, and shield themselves and their families against risk.


How can I use microfinance to help others?

The One Hen story shows how one small loan, and one small boy, can make a big difference in the world. You can share this message through activities and conversations in your home, school, or community.

Through One Hen's Pledge your Profit campaign you can also start your own small business such as a lemonade stand, a bake sale, jewelry making, a car wash, etc. With the profits from your business you can donate money to help people in your community or to support a cause you care about.

Microfinance Institutions

The following organizations can provide you with information on how you can make donations and help since small loans to entrepreneurial individuals and families, or even other young business people like yourself, all around the world.