One Hen Young Entrepreneurs

Zarai, 14

I might want to go into business [when I grow up]. I know I have a business mind and this camp has proven to me that I can succeed in what I want. It has taught me so much!

We have learned to work as a team just like a real business. That is one important lesson that we all have learned - how important your business team is to your success. You have to make sure you have the right team helping you or you may fail.

You also need to know what you are doing! You need to know about all the aspects of what makes a business work from starting with an idea, to getting money, to advertising, to selling and then paying back what money you may have borrowed. Each part you need to know how to do or you need to find someone that does.

The best part about the camp is how all ideas are appreciated. They encourage you to keep going with your ideas. We all share our ideas and discuss how we should do things or how we can make things work better. The camp has been pretty amazing.