One Hen Young Entrepreneurs

Zanyaa, 12

The One Hen camp has been really exciting for me and has been making learning fun. The teachers have a way with making small things into big things. Like taking a children's book [One Hen: How one small loan made a Big Difference] and making it into this big lesson. There was more meaning to the story than just a story for kids. It taught us about making a business and giving back.

At the camp they are teaching us about business. We talk about business things like loans, money and bank stuff. Going on the field trips has been a lot of fun. We went to b.good and got to eat at the restaurant and have smoothies.

We have also learned about why some people start a business and maybe it is not just to make money. A man came in to speak to us about gang violence and how that is what made him want to start a business to help people not join gangs. He now has a gym that helps people do positive things. That seems really great.

I like the idea of giving back to my community. Some people can be cheap with their money and not help others. Kids can lead by example and show people how great it is to give. We are going to do that with the business that we are creating. We are making jewelry. We get to make the bracelets a couple of times each day. We have about 20 made right now and will sell them at the end of the week. I think we will be giving half of the money to charity. We will either give some of the money to a charity for lyme disease or Boston Children's Hospital.