One Hen Young Entrepreneurs

Sumalia, 10

Math is my favorite subject in school and I love multiplication. There has been a lot of math at the One Hen Camp and I like math so that has been fun. Mostly the camp has been fun because we get to make the product for our business that we are starting. Our business is a jewelry and wallet business. I like making the jewelry and have made a lot of bracelets with colored beads and some beads that have letters on them and we can spell out things on the jewelry.

People have come in to help us with our business and to teach us how a business is made. Business people keep coming in and telling us about their businesses and what they do. They tell us how they got started and how they do it and how they market their business. We have gone on field trips too and that has been fun because we get free samples while they tell us about their business.

I have learned a lot about business I did not know. We have learned about loans and marketing. We have also learned about giving some of the money we make to a charity. I like the idea of giving to a charity. It is a good idea so people can help people with stuff they need.

When I grow up I would like to be a doctor and maybe give back some of the money I make to people who need help.