One Hen Young Entrepreneurs

Suenellie, 13
Roxbury Tenants of Harvard
One Hen Program, Summer 2016

My name is Suenellie. I live in Michigan Park, in Boston and I am 13 years old.

At the One Hen Camp we created a business... called Something Beautiful. We came up with the name because we had on our team beautiful people. We have been making origami boxes, origami diamond decorations and t-shirts. We got a loan of $20 and that is how we got all of our supplies to make the stuff. We went shopping and started talking about how much we are going to sell everything for and how much we are going to spend to buy everything. And after that we started making our product.

With the money we earn we are looking to give 25% to a food bank for the homeless or people who don't have food. We are going to help out an animal shelter with some and we are going to keep a small part for ourselves.

We read the book One Hen and it helped me because at the beginning I did not think that $20 would be enough or get us anywhere. I just had to think about Kojo and how much he started with! Kojo just had that one hen and just those eggs and when I thought about that it kind of gave me balance.

My favorite part of the One Hen camp had to be the guest speaker hula hooper. She was inspiring because in the beginning she was struggling with her business so she knew she had to learn more. That was just like me! I struggled at the beginning thinking that we couldn't make our One Hen business a success but in the end we did!