One Hen Young Entrepreneurs

Nathaniel, 11

I want to be an FBI agent when I grow up. When I retire I want to open a restaurant and with the money I make and I want to help people. I want to help people who are sick and help them make their dreams come true. I want and try to be generous whenever I can be.

I like that the One Hen camp has been teaching us about social entrepreneurs. The idea of giving some of the money to a charity is really nice. I did not really know that much about social entrepreneurs and how they travel around the world and help people and then tell other people about how they can help.

We have also been learning about starting a business and paperwork! It is a really long process to have a business. I just sometimes want to have fun but we have to learn all of this in order to have a successful business. Right now we are making wallets and jewelry as a product to sell for the business we are making. But I have something that I am working on. It is inspirational cards. I am making them myself and putting sayings like "Achieve" "You are intelligent" "You have a future". I am hoping to make a business out of that idea.

I feel like the teachers at the camp really understand us and they have a lot of patience. I like how they teach us and how they want us to have a good community.