One Hen Young Entrepreneurs

Natalie, 11

When I grow up I thought I wanted to be a doctor for kids and also an actress. But because of what we have learned at the One Hen camp I am thinking about going into business. We did an activity about owning our own food truck and I now would like to do that when I grow up!

In school I like math and science and the camp has had math so I have really liked that part. We have learned a lot about businesses. I did not know any of the business words that they have taught us. I did not know what they all meant like profit and revenue and loans. I had heard them before I just did not know what they all meant.

We also learned about marketing our products. We got to make posters and I helped hang them around my neighborhood. The posters advertised our products and where people can buy them.

Our group is making jewelry to sell. I have fallen in love with making jewelry! It is so much fun. I have made a necklace from safety pins and beads. It looks really great. I have also made bracelets with beads as well.

We are going to be giving some of the money we earn to a charity called Cradles to Crayons. I like the idea of helping other kids out and making sure they have what they might need.

From what I have learned at the One Hen camp I know it will really help my future and help me start my own business.