One Hen Young Entrepreneurs

Johnathan, 9
Brookline Steps to Success (STS)
One Hen Program, Summer 2016

I am from Boston Massachusetts and my name is Johnathan. I liked the One Hen program a lot! We got to learn a lot of stuff about business and we got to sell tie-dyed socks. Now we can donate the money we made to help homeless [people].

I'm going to be playing basketball when I grow up so it is going to be helpful to learn this business stuff that One Hen teaches. At camp we talked about how, for every season [you play] in the NBA they [pay] you a lot of money and then we talked about how much money you can get but how you need to minus it from the things you want and stuff you need to pay [for]. We learned a lot of business stuff like about profit, loans and revenue. It was kind of hard [to know] what the words meant but now I know what the words mean.

It was fun deciding on what product we should make. We took ideas and we voted for three of them and then we took a vote for which one was easiest and most fun [to make]; we wound up [making] tie-dyed socks. We had to make them because there is no way they could be tie-dye on their own. We designed them in a colorful way and sold them. We earned $263 but made $153 profit because the "bank" gave us a loan for $100 and we had to pay the 'bank' back plus 10% interest.

One of the things we also did was read the book One Hen. We learned about this kid named Kojo that lived in Ghana, and that he never gave up on what he wanted. When he got what he wanted he led a bright future and helped his family out. I liked that.