One Hen Young Entrepreneurs

Johnathan, 13
Brookline Steps to Success (STS)
One Hen Program, Summer 2016

My name is Johnathan and I am going into 8th grade. When I grow up I want to be a basketball player.

For the last four years I have been (participating) in the Steps to Success program. This time in the program we did One Hen and created a product and sold it to make money to donate. I liked that we got to do that this time!

We picked a really great product to make, tie dyed socks. I really liked how we were all on the same page with what we came up with as a product for our business. We listed all the things we wanted to make - tie dye shirts, pet accessories, phone cases and then together we chose to do socks instead of shirts. We wanted to do something new and different because many people do tie dye shirts.

The best part was we chose to donate to a homeless shelter called Heading Home. We found out some shelters just take women or just men but Heading Home takes everyone. We didn't want to help just one type of person, we wanted to help a lot of people so we found a place focused on helping families. We also went to Heading Home Shelter for a field trip visit. It was smaller than what I expected it to be. When we went it made me feel more grateful for the things I have like my house and my family.

I have 3 older brothers and 1 younger sister. I would recommend One Hen for my younger sister because she's not as grateful for the things we have as I am now that I have done the One Hen program.