One Hen Young Entrepreneurs

James, 9

I like to play basketball, point guard is the position I play. When I grow up I want to play basketball as my job. My favorite subject in school is math. The One Hen Camp has had a lot of math so that has been fun. It has been a different math than in school. It is math that has a reason. Math that is part of a business problem we are trying to figure out. I like that kind of math.

The camp has been really fun. The best part has been going on field trips. We have gone on field trips to b.good which is a restaurant and they gave us free hamburgers and homemade potato fries. They told us about how they got their restaurant started and how they give back to the community some of the money they make. That is what we are doing with the business that we are making, we are going to give some of the money we make to a charity.

Our business is to make and sell jewelry and wallets. We are not just making the stuff to sell but learning about supplies, loans and how important it is to pay back a bank if you borrow money from them. I didn't know about that stuff. They are teaching us how to have a business.

The best part about the camp is the One Hen Money. I like the One Hen Money a lot! If we answer questions or listen real good we get One Hen Money that we can use at the end of camp to get stuff.