One Hen Young Entrepreneurs

Hakeem, 13
Roxbury Tenants of Harvard
One Hen Program, Summer 2016

I am from Boston and my name is Hakim. I have been doing the One Hen summer camp and learning about business and helping people. We have created a business and with the money we [earned] from selling the products we made. We will donate 50% of the profits to a food organization that helps people.

We decided to make a couple of different products to sell. We made boxes with beads and necklaces decorated with words to make people feel happy about themselves. We also made diamonds, like big ones, that you can hang up around your house if you want as a decoration. We did so much because we wanted to make beautiful things for people.

I was on the sales committee so I had to figure out the prices that we were going to make everything. We all worked together and priced what we thought would be good. First we had to buy all of our supplies... We got a $20 loan and we bought paint, paintbrushes, glitter glue, and markers. The 'bank' is giving us a 10% interest rate on our loan so we will owe them more than $20 and then we are going to donate half of the money that is left over to a charity.

I'm going to use everything that this [program] has taught me: how interest rates work, how to begin a business, all the steps to make a business work and how to attract customers. Everyone should learn all the things One Hen teaches because it will inspire people to make their own businesses, to be leaders and to help people.