Entrepreneurs Around the World Have Started and Grown their Business

Entrepreneur: Federico Rodriguez Bastos
Business: Electronics Salesman
Location: Colombia

A guerilla war in rural Colombia drove Federico Rodriguez Bastos out of his hometown, forcing him to leave behind his only asset - his land. Fearing for his life, Federico feels he can never return to the only home he has ever known. Faced with the likelihood of poverty as he moved his family to the city, he knew he must act to ensure his family's survival. Combining his carpentry skills and his innate entrepreneurial spirit, Federico obtained a loan from Opportunity International to launch a woodworking shop where he manufactures curtain rods and fixtures.

Today, Federico operates a thriving business and always credits his Opportunity loan officer, whom he refers to as his "business partner", for his tremendous success. When he and his wife look back on the home they left behind, they reflect with gratitude on the new life they have built with their own hands and a little help from Opportunity Colombia. While they have experienced much success of their own, the couple says their biggest achievement has been their ability to create jobs for others who have been forced to migrate into the city, giving neighbors the same chance they received in their time of need.

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