Entrepreneurs Around the World Have Started and Grown their Business

Entrepreneur: Erivan dos Santos
Business: Bicycle shop
Location: Manaus, Brazil

After a tough childhood, Erivan dos Santos realized one day that he needed to change his life. He took a low-paying job in construction and met a woman who would become his wife. A year later they had a baby boy, but as luck would have it, he was born with serious health issues. It was then that Erivan decided he would turn to self employment to stay afloat, and so his brother taught him how to repair bicycles and gave him a few tools and equipment to help him start a bicycle shop. "My life changed since we opened this store," he says, looking around his small shop situated just outside of his father's house, where he and his family also live.

"The beginning was difficult," he says. "Sometimes we did not have enough money to buy food, and I struggled to get much needed capital. Since I couldn't ask my father for more, I was glad to hear that Accion Microfinancas helped entrepreneurs like me. "

Since receiving an initial loan of US $800 from Accion's partner in Brazil, Erivan has been able to buy supplies and merchandise in bulk, helping him to service clients faster and make larger profits. Today, he is proud and thankful that both his business and family are thriving.

If you look closely at the front of Erivan's store, you'll see the following phrase:

Os que com lágrimas semeiam com júbilo ceifarão. (Those who sow in tears shall harvest joy.)

Erivan's hard work as an entrepreneur has enabled him to harvest joy and sow a successful future for his family.

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