One Hen Young Entrepreneurs

Arieya, 8

I like to dance, ride my bike and spend time with my mom and dad. When I grow up I would like to be a dancer or a singer.

At the One Hen Camp we have been having a lot of fun. We get to make stuff and eat and we joke with each other. My group is making jewelry and wallets as our products for our business. The wallets are really nice. We are decorating them with bears and skateboards and polka dots. I really like making the beads for the bracelets.

Some of the things we are learning about for our business I never really understood. Like, I never knew that if you borrow money you have to give it back and also give back a little more. We have been learning a lot of new big words that I am starting to understand like interest and loans. I like some math but not the hard math. The older kids get it but it is hard and the teacher has to help me. The teacher has been helping all of us with the hard stuff and that has been really funny and made it fun.

I have liked learning about different businesses and how some businesses give some of their money to charity. Giving to people who are sick and need help is a nice thing to do.