One Hen Young Entrepreneurs

Albert, 13
Roxbury Tenants of Harvard
One Hen Program, Summer 2016

Albert is my name and I'm 13 years old and live in Dorchester Massachusetts. In the future I'm going to go into major league baseball so I need to know about business - I don't want to get ripped off when I am signing my contract!

The One Hen Camp was really good about teaching business stuff and about giving back to others. At camp we talked about how there are people out there that don't have enough food in their life and how they need more. We decided to create a business to help them by selling t-shirts to raise money and give the money to a food program. We are selling the t-shirts for $2 with four different designs. Our goal is to sell at least 60-70 t-shirts. [Our business is] called Color Game.

My favorite part of camp was when a guest speaker named Offiong [Bassey] came to talk about her business. I liked her because she was telling us how she started from nothing with her music career and now she has turned it into something because of her business skills and talent. In the book One Hen the boy Kojo started from basically nothing also. But he did a lot, he went through a lot to get where he is now with his business. The camp teaches us how by working hard you can start something from basically nothing and succeed.

Learning about business and how we can sell stuff to make our business more popular has been fun. I would tell anyone to come to the One Hen Camp because this program can help you to learn about business and how business can take you far, be fun and help others.