One Hen Young Entrepreneurs

Adrianna, 11

At the camp there are kids my age and a little older and we have created a business selling birthday and holiday cards and jewelry. We made that business ourselves. I love making jewelry, it is so much fun to design.

It has been exciting to learn about all the business stuff like loans and interest and about helping people with the money we make. I think donating some of the money we make to a charity is important. I also like knowing that starting a business can be done no matter what your age.

At the beginning of the camp they tested us to see how much we knew about starting a business. I did not like that because I did not know what a lot of the words meant. Now I feel like I understand things much better. We learned about loans and profit and have gone on field trips to businesses. We have learned in ways I have understood and I like that.

One big thing I have learned is it takes a lot of money to make a business. I did not know how expensive it was to start a business and keep it going. I have also learned that it takes time and perseverance to have a business. Never give up! Just keep trying if you believe in your idea. We learned that from the One Hen book. Kojo just never gave up on his dream.