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Thank you for the One Hen story. Learnt a lot.

PA 4

This website is very thoughtful.

Oklawn 4th

this game is very fun

Homer Glen 4

This website is fun and thoughtful.

Oklawn 4th

My students loved making their own small businesses and donating part of their earnings to a local hospital. I was so inspired by their energy for entrepreneurship and passion for helping others. Great program!!


After the book I was speechless.

India 4

I LOVE ONE HEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Orland Park 4th grade

i started a project like this one here in my country it has picked and young people are enjoying the services. thanks to resources from your website


Hi, my name is Olivia, and I just wanted to tell you that my BFF, Greta and I are making an organization that helps animal shelters, cancer, and the homeless. Guess what, we already got $3.

DeCatur, GA 3rd grade
Olivia Chin

What stuck out to me in One Hen was how you could raise that much hens,also i did a comparing on Beatrice and Kojo, and they are alike because they both lived in a poor village.

decatur 3rd grade

kojo i love your story

orland park 4th grade

One Hen an awesome website and I am going to donat as many beeds as I can!

Orland Park 4th grade

I'm glad I heard this amazing story and I think it is totaly important that everyone knows how poor people can be and how lucky we are!

Oak Forest,Ilinois 3 grade

i think this organazation is nice because it helps give ghana the things they need to survive and its very sweet

kalamazoo, mi 7th grade

My parents are from Ghana AND IVE NEVER BEEN THERE so im happy ive seen this book and now I know how its like in Ghana!!thanks!!

alexandria va 5

I think that this can help people make a motivational experience. i just think it is amazing

Franklin, Louisana 5 grade

i really love everyone and my father travis williams came to kenya and then he took pictures of you guys in kenya and he showed us the pictures

franklin,la 5th grade

Now i know how to use loans|YAY

korea 4

I learned that a small loan can turn into a big thing.

South Korea 4

I think the book is GREAT i think it is a great book to show people how much work you did to pay back the loan.

Korea 4

HI I WOULD LIKE TO TELL YOU HOW MUCH YOU HAVE CHANGED MY LIFE. WHEN I FINISHED OUR BOOK I REILIZED HOW HARD THINGS MUST HAVE BEEN FOR YOU SO I WOULD JUST LIKE TO TELL YOU YOU HAVE REAlly changed my life forever thank you so very much. my mom also wanted me to tell you that she is happy with how much you changed me because I have become a better child because of how much you changed me .thank you so much...

newtown 10th

dear kojo, I would like to tell you how much you have inspired me to be a good person and to be happy to who I am. Thank you a billion! thanks again and talk to you later.


Kojo you should get an email that has my 10 million hugs. happy happy spring I hope you are having a happy happy SPRING!

sillytim 123 asomeness
happy happy spring!

Your An Inspiration to the world and everyone on earth. you help others and be nice and kind!:)

Soyland 3

Dear kojo, I loved your one hen book . I hope you are having a great spring! You are my greatest experience .

Dear Kojo, You are a great inspiration. Today I feel like I can make a difference in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2nd grade

I think it is great that I can help others by playing games!

Boston 5

people in africa i am trying to do the same thing as you trying to save money for things here in LA we have to work for what we want

franklin la 4th grade

Great materials


This is so much fun!

Podunk 5