Case Studies - One Hen In Action

Taking best practices of edtech and bringing it to the field in Ethiopia
Tearfund is working with One Hen to integrate their self help group formation methodologies with One Hen's social entrepreneurship curriculum. In partnership with Code Innovation the organizations are collaborating to launch a mobile app for young people in resource poor communities in developing countries.

JFK Elementary School, Canton, MA
One Hen Academy 4th Grade Social Entrepreneurs
Inspired by the story of One Hen, teachers Barbara Carbone, Theresa Grogan, and Elisa Blanchard helped One Hen's founding team to pilot the One Hen Academy curriculum with their 4th graders. Several years later, all 4th grade classes at the JFK Elementary School still take the One Hen journey together annually, creating social ventures such as their 'Beads for Needs' bracelets and notecards business. Their profits have allowed them to make significant charitable donations to area non profits. At the JFK they weave the One Hen Academy into their social studies, ELA, and math time. They even include the art teacher! It is a thoughtful integration that creates a truly meaningful experience for their students.
Peninsula Bridge Schools, Palo Alto, CA
Empowering Middle School Students to Make a Difference through Charitable Decisions
Middle school students learned financial literacy and the value of giving back during their participation in Peninsula Bridge's summer enrichment program. While building their own businesses, students decided how much of their profits to save, spend, and give to a charity of their choice. Each team of students chose a different charity and researched the social problem it addressed. They used this information in their marketing, and created money boxes to keep track of how much money they had made. Impressed by the team work, leadership, and creative problem solving skills students were learning, the site director shared, "We are very excited to see them taking personal initiative and growing in financial responsibility and awareness of global needs. Best of all, they feel empowered to address these needs through the money they earn building their businesses."
BELL Summer and After School Program
Boston Pilot Results in Expansion Across the US
BELL (Building Educated Leaders for Life), an award-winning summer and afterschool program, piloted the One Hen Academy program during their 2009 summer sessions in Boston, MA. The program's results were so outstanding that they were featured in the Boston Herald. Building on this early success, the program expanded in 2010 to over 2000 children from disadvantaged communities in five cities. In 2013 it served as enrichment material for BELL summer programs in Baltimore and Orlando. Students learned the basics of money management, explored social problems in their community, and received loans to start small jewelry making businesses to support local charities.
National Heritage Academies
Integrating One Hen Academy into Social Studies via Global Economics
NHA (National Heritage Academies), one of the fastest growing public charter school management companies in the United States, saw a fit for One Hen Academy with its 6th grade students. One Hen has worked with over 30 NHA 6th grade classrooms in such states as Michigan, New York, Colorado, and North Carolina aligning its macro economics content with NHA social studies needs, as well as aligning with NHA's interest in "moral focus".