This is the story of how changes happen in the world, one person, one family, one community at a time.


Kojo lives in a small town in Ghana, West Africa. He and his mother survive by gathering and selling firewood. There is never much money or food – just enough to get by. When Kojo is given a small loan, he has an idea. He will use the money to buy a hen so that they will have eggs to eat. Soon there are extra eggs to sell at the market. With the profits, Kojo buys more hens and eventually earns enough for his school fees. After finishing school, he gets a bigger loan and gradually builds up a poultry farm, hires workers and pays taxes that improve his community. Along the way, Kojo loans others money so that they too can leave poverty behind.


One Hen is a persuasive story of how reaching out to help someone with a small loan can have a big impact. But it is more than just a story. Kojo is based on a real person, Kwabena Darko, who really did change his community and now is helping others do the same through a microcredit lending program. Change can happen, one person at a time.

Kwabena Darko