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Hundreds of thousands of people take microloans each year. Microfinance organizations like Opportunity International make this possible. Thanks to your bead contributions by playing our online games, people around the world are able to take out loans to help support and grow their businesses.

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Justine Nassali

Justine is 49 years old and married with 11 children. She lives on the outskirts of Kampala, Uganda in her family home. Her husband is a store manager at a construction company. She began her piggery business in 2000, rearing two pigs at the backyard of her home. She currently has 7 pigs where she lives and another 30 in the village.

Justine joined Opportunity bank, a microfinance bank, in 2002 after realizing she needed to boost her business. She used her first loan to add stock to a retail shop she owned. Thanks to this loan she is now able to pay her children's boarding school fees.

Her future plan is to increase the number of pigs she owns by acquiring more loans. Justine is grateful to the bank for offering her good financial services that have enabled her to care for her family's needs and save for the future. She has also earned the respect of the community.

Federico Rodriguez Bastos

Federico's shop is in his home where he lives with his wife Ruth and two children. He had to leave his hometown because of violence and hasn't returned because of the fighting. He manufactures curtain rods and fixtures in his shop and has several employees.

Faced with the likelihood of poverty as he moved his family to the city, Federico knew he must act to ensure his family's survival. Combining his carpentry skills and his natural entrepreneurial spirit, Federico strategically invested his first loan from Opportunity, a microfinance organization, to launch a woodworking shop where he manufactures curtain rods and fixtures.

Today, Federico operates a thriving business and always credits his loan officer, whom he refers to as his "business partner", for his tremendous success. While they have experienced much success of their own, Federico and his wife say their biggest achievement has been their ability to create jobs for others who have been forced to migrate into the city, giving neighbors the same chance they received in their time of need.