The One Hen program has enormous potential for the children of Haiti. With an unemployment rate of over 40%, few children graduate secondary school with any job opportunities. Even fewer go on to college to learn an employable skill or trade. The One Hen curriculum, however, equips children with the business and entrepreneurial skills needed to build their own successful, sustainable businesses, while also encouraging charitable giving of their profits to others who are in need.

In late 2015, Help for Haiti entered into a partnership with One Hen and began a huge undertaking – to translate the entire curriculum into Haitian Creole. The One Hen aka Yon Poul program is part of the youth education from the 4th grade. Help for Haiti’s commitment to Haiti is matched with a set of strong business controls to assure that money spent and invested ends up accomplishing their intended goals to feed, educate, and employ. Since the successful roll out of the now “Yon Poul” curriculum has been incorporated, over 200 students have completed the program.

Help for Haiti has raised enough money to build a new school and will include soccer instruction with their One Hen program. The school is in Vaudreuil which is a suburb of Cap Haitien. It will be considered a modern school with a small soccer field, 14 classrooms, running water, and flushing toilets. Adding soccer and tying it to their education/literacy is a winning idea with Boston Scores as the exclusive partner.