Haiti Program

Students, Schools and Small Business:

Help for Haiti & One Hen’s Innovative Education Program Empowers Youth as Social Entrepreneurs


A Need for New Solutions

Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere and has an unemployment rate of more than 40%. Half of Haiti’s population is under the age of 18, and 30% of these children attending primary school will not make it to third grade; 60% will abandon school before 6th grade. Children who do complete their schooling do so within an education system suffering from severe access and quality challenges. As such, each year, thousands of youth enter the workplace ill-equipped to fully engage as Haitian citizens and contribute to the society’s development. These challenges disproportionally affect children from low socio-economic groups and rural areas of Haiti.


The Help for Haiti / One Hen Partnership

The Help for Haiti (H4H) and One Hen project brings workplace readiness and social entrepreneurship training to youth in both rural and urban Haitian communities. The project’s curriculum empowers youth with skills in financial literacy, social awareness, personal initiative and community giving, while its teacher training program equips educators with business knowledge and essential skills in youth empowerment and participatory teaching pedagogy.


  • One Hen: Since its inception in 2009, One Hen's program has empowered young people with the knowledge and skills needed to prevent and alleviate poverty. The One Hen program targets youth with three goals: to teach financial literacy, to inspire social activism, and to build earning capacity through small business ventures.
  • Help for Haiti is designed to feed and educate children in the northeast area of Haiti while building companies and potential jobs for their future. In just six years, H4H has fed over 1 million meals to hungry children and supported education programs for hundreds of youth in urban and rural Haitian schools.


Project Background

The H4H/One Hen project began in 2015 with an adaption of the One Hen curriculum that was tailored for use in a Haitian cultural context and within resource-limited schools and youth centers. In early 2016, Version 1 of the adapted One Hen curriculum was translated into Creole and by mid 2016, 200 copies of the curriculum arrived in Haiti. One Hen and H4H then visited Haiti to train the local project team and support the pilot start up activities at Bethlehem School in urban Cap Haitien and position for Phase 1 at Institution Mixte Martin Luther in rural Marmalade.


Why it Works

The H4H/ One Hen program is effective because it is:

  • Accessible: The program includes detailed resources, including an Educator’s Guide, Student Activity Books and the One Hen storybook, and a thorough teacher-training program to equip educators and community leaders to run a high-quality program with measurement gains in student knowledge and capacity.
  • Inexpensive: Facilitator trainings and the curriculum are offered at a low cost. After the small initial training and material investment, trainees are able to facilitate the One Hen program independently and free of charge.
  • Sustainable: Youth develop small businesses and learn how to use their profits to grow and maintain their businesses in the long term. Trained facilitators have the knowledge, skills, and materials to help the groups sustain their businesses.


Project Timeline

The project pilot in Cap Haitien is running through June 2016 with 100 youth. Once the pilot is finished, the One Hen/H4H team will return to Haiti again to collect end-line assessments and conduct end-line focus group discussions with project beneficiaries. The partners will also use this trip to train the Marmalade teachers for Phase 1 of program implementation, which will run through December of 2016 in both Cap Haitien and Marmalade, reaching 200 students. Student outcomes and teacher/staff feedback from the pilot and Phase 1 will inform revisions and improvements to the curriculum and program. In 2017, One Hen and H4H will then launch Phase 2 of the project, where both schools will run the One Hen Program twice during the academic year and reach 400 students. These projects will allow One Hen and H4H to refine the One Hen curriculum for a Haitian context. Soon we will be prepared to expand the program throughout northern Haiti, via H4H relationships and our budding partnerships with local Haitian educational organizations including OMS, ECAB Orphanage, and Anseye pou Ayiti, Techno Serve and Haiti Outreach.



In five years, One Hen and H4H will have trained and empowered 400+ Haitian educators on our social entrepreneurship curriculum and participatory teaching pedagogy. These trained educators will also have received a One Hen/H4H Teaching Certification that qualifies them to facilitate the program independently and support program implementation at local schools, churches and community centers. This cadre of trained and certified teachers will have reached 5,000+ youth throughout Northern Haiti and equipped them with the essential knowledge, attitudes and skills for workplace and/or entrepreneurship entry as indicated by measureable gains in financial literacy, social awareness, personal initiative and community giving.

For more information, please contact One Hen at letters@onehen.org