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Our one-week, intensive camp empowers youth as financially literate,  socially consciousness global citizens, inspired to help people in need.

We believe young people can change the world! Through our Social Entrepreneurship Camp, we challenge students to design businesses that earn money to help people in need. Over the course of five days, students work in teams to brainstorm business ideas, develop product plans, establish marketing strategies, research social needs, and select charities to support with their business profits.

Campers are immersed in the essentials of entrepreneurship, loans, and philanthropy through a series of practice-based activities and site visits to successful businesses and charitable organization. Camp counselors and executives from influential companies mentor the teams as they take their business plans from idea to final presentation.

One Hen's young entrepreneurs are changing the world by using business to address social needs. Our camp gives youth the business skills, social consciousness, and confidence to become change agents in their communities and around the world.

One Hen Camp Experience

During the One Hen camp, students will:

  • Explore what entrepreneurship means and what makes a business a social enterprise
  • Meet and interact with successful entrepreneurs from various fields
  • Explore the missions of different non-profits and identify what causes they most connect with
  • Learn about lending and borrowing money for business start-up activities
  • Plan product ideas, business names, and branding
  • Engage in a simulated marketplace for buying/selling products
  • Develop marketing materials to promote their business ideas

On several days, campers will also visit local businesses and charitable organizations, where they will interact with and learn from successful entrepreneurs, business professionals, philanthropists, and charity beneficiaries. Through these experiences, students will grow to be more globally aware, conscientious in managing money, and more inclined to make life choices with social impact.



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