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5 Young Entrepreneurs Share Feedback on their One Hen Camp Experience

By, Hillary K. Pember


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From July 27-31, 2015 One Hen ran a Social Entrepreneurship Camp at Jubilee Christian Church (JCC). During this intensive one-week program, 20 young campers enjoyed daily presentations from professionals and entrepreneurs from local businesses and nonprofits including Lovin’ Spoonfulls, InnerCity Weightlifting, Dirty Boys Composting, and Bulfinch. One Hen also arranged for the youth to enjoy field trips to B.good and Sapient Nitro where they toured the facilities and learned how both businesses use their services and products to help their communities. Throughout the week, the campers spent hours developing their businesses and worked in teams to create marketing materials, design products and prepare their final presentations for a panel of adult entrepreneur judges. On July 30 the group held a sell event where their homemade cards, jewelry and key chains earned them over $200 and enabled them to make a generous contribution to Cradles to Crayons, an organization that provides low-income and homeless children with essential items they need at home and for school. On the final day of the camp the four business teams presented to a panel of local professionals from The Bridgespan Group, The Stearns Family Foundation, The Matthew 19:26 Fund, and The Black Alliance for Educational Options. These professionals provided each group feedback on their business model and then mentored individual students on their personal entrepreneurship plans and goals. After theses presentations and the mentoring session, the campers and guests enjoyed an ice cream party, funded with the remaining profits from their business.


Here’s what our campers have to say about their experience in the Summer 2015 One Hen Social Entrepreneurship Camp…

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1 Hen in 2 Minutes


What is “One Hen”? Why a hen? What does the organization do? Where does it work? What is its vision? Mission? Impact?  You can find the answers to these questions and more in One Hen’s new infographic video!


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Facts from Max: Student Shares His One Hen Experience

This spring, 10 year-old Max LaRose worked with his 4th grade class at the JFK Elementary School in Canton, MA to start a One Hen business called “Beads for Needs.”  Together with his classmates, Max made beaded keychains, jewelry and hand-drawn note cards, which they then sold at their school play and the One Hen Spring Celebration. Max gave a compelling speech at the Celebration about how the program has helped him develop business and teamwork skills and practice compassion through charitable giving. He also shared that his class has already earned $385 and plans to donate a percentage of these profits to support cancer research, hunger relief or rebuilding homes in Nepal.


Max is passionate about his business and helping others – watch his compelling interview here!

Come Celebrate Social Entrepreneurship with One Hen

By, Evelyn Hartz



What did you want to be when you grew up? An all-star athlete? An actress? A super hero?


What about a social entrepreneur?


One Hen, Inc. sprung from a children’s book highlighting the impact one person can make, regardless of age. The book tells the story of Kojo, a West African boy, who receives a small loan to buy a hen. The hen lays eggs, which enables Kojo to buy more hens and eventually become a successful poultry farmer. As a result, Kojo becomes a provider and community leader for his entire village.
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Adaptability: Key to a Realized Vision

By, Helen Rosenfeld, One Hen’s Executive Director

We have truly realized our original vision and officially ‘gone global’ this year.

This blog is our way of sharing the journey with you and highlighting inspiring stories of youth and educators’ success and learnings in their social entrepreneurship adventures around the world.


One Hen, Inc. evolved from Katie Smith Milway’s wonderful book, One Hen: How One Small Loan Made a Big Difference, which teaches children about the power of microfinance and how a boy named Kojo used ‘one small loan’ to create change in the world. One Hen, Inc. follows the narrative arc of that book to show kids how they can take very little and make something big happen. The book’s internationally relevant story is inspiring young people around the world to take social action using entrepreneurship as their tool.

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