Part 2: One Hen at Home. Hillary and Rachael Explore and Apply Business Branding Power


Rachael conducting online research on business marketing and advertising.


By, Hillary K. Pember


My daughter Rachael may only be 14 years old, but through our One Hen activities we may have identified her budding advertising career!


This week’s One Hen Academy modules had a strong focus on identifying and marketing to target customers. My daughter and I researched and discussed logos, slogans as well as potential markets.


Self-Guided Learning
We have been trying to focus on learning together and I have been careful to keep our activities appropriate for a 14 year-old girl. To that end, we have found many videos and lectures on marketing and advertising via the internet. Rachael is very comfortable using the internet socially and academically. Incorporating exercises where she conducts online research and interacts with web-based content has allowed Rachael to feel more like a “driver” in the One Hen learning process, while also having fun. Some of the video we have watched and discussed include:


Exploring Business Brands
We also incorporated a great family activity into the One Hen marketing lessons (Module 4), which explores the importance and power of business branding. My sons, Collin and Jake, joined Rachael and me in playing a game called the Logo Board Game. The objective of the game is to identify popular brands through their logos, illustrations, or slogans. Our ability to recognize products based on simple shapes or even fonts really helped us to understand how well-designed branding can send a powerful message about a product and a company.




Making a Name for Ourselves

We also decided to name our business: “Hearts & Helping Hands.” We were both drawn to this name because one of our product ideas was soap and lotions. Some online research showed us that there are many other “Hearts & Helping Hands” organizations in the world. One of our goals will be to differentiate ourselves from these other companies with innovative products and a strong philanthropic mission.


Identifying a Sales Venue
This week we also faced the challenge of identifying a venue where we could sell our products. We visited our local farmers’ market but it appeared to be a poor fit for our sales venue since many vendors were already selling soaps and lotions. Next week we plan to explore other sales venue options and jumping into the creation of a logo, slogan and most importantly, the actual products.


So far, the time we have spent working on the One Hen activities has not only been educational for both Rachael and me, but has also been a lot of fun. We have been able to spend some great time together working toward a common goal. The content has sparked many great discussions on global causes and our role in the larger global community.


This is Part 2 of a blog series that describes the adventures Hillary Pember had working with her 14-year-old daughter, Rachael, to complete the One Hen Academy program at home. Click here to read Part 1 on how Hillary first engaged Rachael in the One Hen program and what she learned about her daughter as they researched a charity to support.

hillaryHillary K. Pember is a freelance writer living in Massachusetts. After working in management consulting for close to twenty years she decided to focus on her writing and take on the far more challenging (but far more enriching) job of staying at home with her three children. She is proud supporter of One Hen and through her writing hopes to highlight the vision and mission the organization holds dear.

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