2nd Time Around: Wendy Returns to her Alma Mater as a One Hen Educator

By, Hillary K. Pember


Campos teaching her One Hen class about using their business profits to support community needs.


As a child, Wendy Campos always wanted to participate in her school’s soccer program but was not allowed to because she had to stay home and take care of her younger sister. So when Campos, now a sophomore at UMass Boston, learned that her alma mater, the McKay Middle School, was about to cancel their soccer program due to a staff shortage, she jumped at the chance to help.


“[When I was in school] a lot of my friends were part of the soccer program and had a lot of fun,” recalls Campos. “With the program maybe being cut, I thought I could help. I’ve always had an interest in working with kids.”


The program, Dollar$ for Change, is run through America SCORES, a non-profit organization that provides soccer and enrichment-based after school programming. In partnership with One Hen Inc., America SCORES Boston has been running the program throughout Boston since 2012.


Dollar$ for Change is popular among the McKay students. The program teaches financial literacy by helping students start their own small businesses and then donate a percentage of their business profits to a cause they care about. Students who make progress on their finance lessons and business plans on Tuesday and Thursday are then permitted to participate in soccer practice and matches with other schools on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.


This past spring, Campos’ Dollar$ for Change program included 15 girls, ages 12-14. Guided by the One Hen curriculum, Campos taught the girls to use social media, online research, games and brainstorming sessions to learn about a myriad of finance topics including profits and losses, business start-up costs, loans acquisition, interest, etc.



Campos’ SCORES students selling their products at One Hen’s annual spring gala.


Campos’ also helped her students take out a small loan from the SCORES program manager, which then used to start a bracelet business. At the end of the program, they used the business profits they had earned to repay their loan (with interest!) and make a donation to the Animal Rescue League.


“The girls really enjoyed working together on the… program. It made them more of a team,” said Campos.


hillaryHillary K. Pember is a freelance writer living in Massachusetts. After working in management consulting for close to twenty years she decided to focus on her writing and take on the far more challenging (but far more enriching) job of staying at home with her three children. She is proud supporter of One Hen and through her writing hopes to highlight the vision and mission the organization holds dear.

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