1 Hen in 2 Minutes


What is “One Hen”? Why a hen? What does the organization do? Where does it work? What is its vision? Mission? Impact?  You can find the answers to these questions and more in One Hen’s new infographic video!


The short video brings One Hen’s mission to life in less than 2 minutes – guiding viewers from the organization’s storybook start through its social impact campaign, education mission, and ending with an inspiring message that outlines the ways viewers can support One Hen in “changing the world: one person, one business, one community at a time.”


The video was written, designed, narrated and produced by One Hen’s talented partners at SapientNitro.


A special thanks goes to the Sapient dream team that donated hundreds of hours to this project:
• Jenessa Carder, Strategist
• Lawrence Wang, Copywriter
• Thibault Kim, Design Manager
• Dustin Devlin, Senior Associate Editor


Like what you see? Help us invite others to view the film and join One Hen’s social impact campaign by tweeting #hatchthefuture and sharing the video link through Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest!


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