Come Celebrate Social Entrepreneurship with One Hen

By, Evelyn Hartz



What did you want to be when you grew up? An all-star athlete? An actress? A super hero?


What about a social entrepreneur?


One Hen, Inc. sprung from a children’s book highlighting the impact one person can make, regardless of age. The book tells the story of Kojo, a West African boy, who receives a small loan to buy a hen. The hen lays eggs, which enables Kojo to buy more hens and eventually become a successful poultry farmer. As a result, Kojo becomes a provider and community leader for his entire village.


Many children’s stories inspire moral discussions (The Ugly Duckling, anyone?) but few provide students with the concrete skills needed to make a difference in the world.


One Hen, Inc. came into existence with the purpose of filling this gap.


The organization focuses on equipping educators to teach students in four key areas: financial literacy, personal initiative, global awareness and giving back.


Developing these skills enables elementary and middle schoolers to experience social entrepreneurship by starting small businesses and donating a percentage of their profits to charity.


Today, more than 6,000 children have been reached through the One Hen Academy curriculum, 30,000 through the organization’s educational website resources and 1,000 through the new One Hen app.


Want to see these young social entrepreneurs in action?


Join One Hen’s Annual Spring Gala on May 9th to celebrate the organization’s global expansion! There will be music, appetizers, drinks, dancing and fun!


You’ll also have the opportunity to hear directly from One Hen’s founder and dedicated team of educators.


Learn, play, make a difference and come #celebrate1hen. Click here to purchase your tickets.



Evelyn Hartz is a proud One Hen supporter. By day, she is a Development Coordinator AmeriCorps VISTA at another entrepreneurship education called BUILD. Evelyn is committed to growing the social impact community in Boston through serving as social media strategist for City Awake, Boston’s first ever social impact festival.


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