Part 3: One Hen at Home

The Pembers Tackle Production and Pricing


“Mom, I don’t know if we should get this. It might not be in our budget.” What I wouldn’t give to hear those words spoken in association with a pair of jeans! But my 14-year-old daughter’s comment was in regard to supplies needed for our One Hen business. The fact that Rachael was even thinking about our business budget made me realize just how much she has learned through our One Hen project. And having now reached the half way point, we both really feel like we are off and running, despite a couple bumps in the road.

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The Impending Crisis in Ethiopia: A Costly Delay

By, Courtenay Cabot Venton, One Hen’s Director of International Programs



Ethiopia is yet again facing a humanitarian crisis that looks set to devastate much of the country’s population. Despite impressive growth figures over the last decade, 20 million Ethiopians are still under the poverty line. El Nino related weather is causing drought, destroying any chance of sustained poverty reduction.


The UN released its prognosis last month — the number of people in need of emergency assistance had increased from 3 to 4.5 million people. Within a matter of weeks, this number was revised to upwards of 8.2 million. This is projected to double to 15 million by early 2016, with 350,000 children suffering from severe malnutrition.

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