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We are currently recruiting passionate, energetic, committed individuals to train as part-time One Hen teacher consultants. Consultant teachers will participate in a One Hen training where they learn how to work with our curriculum and materials to empower youth as productive entrepreneurs and compassionate global citizens. One Hen teacher consultants may be invited to teach temporary in-school, after school, or weekend seasonal program. There may also be opportunities to lead week-long (5 day) One Hen camps during school vacations or summer months. Consultant teaching opportunities depend on One Hen’s current programming and may range from 1 week to several months per year. Click here to learn more!

Part 2: One Hen at Home. Hillary and Rachael Explore and Apply Business Branding Power


Rachael conducting online research on business marketing and advertising.


By, Hillary K. Pember


My daughter Rachael may only be 14 years old, but through our One Hen activities we may have identified her budding advertising career!


This week’s One Hen Academy modules had a strong focus on identifying and marketing to target customers. My daughter and I researched and discussed logos, slogans as well as potential markets.


Self-Guided Learning
We have been trying to focus on learning together and I have been careful to keep our activities appropriate for a 14 year-old girl. To that end, we have found many videos and lectures on Continue reading Part 2: One Hen at Home. Hillary and Rachael Explore and Apply Business Branding Power

What Transformation in Aid and Development Really Looks Like



Over the years I’ve frequently been a source of amusement to my wife Emma, but rarely more so than when I came home from work at DfiD one day a decade ago and recounted to her a particularly mortifying interaction I’d had with the IT department. My computer had gone on the fritz during a password update, and in order to resolve it I’d had to tell the tech support guys my old password over the phone – while a senior official was in the room. Imagine my joy as I had to Continue reading What Transformation in Aid and Development Really Looks Like

Part 1: One Hen at Home

Hillary and her Daughter Launch their One Hen Project


By, Hillary K. Pember.


With mouth slightly clenched, arms crossed and eyes staring straight at me, all my 14 year old daughter could say was, “You actually want me to read a children’s book about a hen?” And this was the start of our One Hen experience together.


I had thought it would be fun for my daughter and I to spend some of our summer exploring the One Hen curriculum: a mother-daughter team learning about microfinance and social entrepreneurship. We would be creating a small business, developing and selling products, and giving a portion of our profits to a charity. I knew it would be a big undertaking but a fun summer activity. My teenage daughter had other ideas of what might make for an enjoyable summer activity, or at least, what she considered “more mature” ones.


However, after this initial bump in the proverbial road, we got on track by modify the curriculum to better suit her teenage interests and educational needs. This was actually easier than I had thought. The One Hen curriculum provides numerous options to facilitate each of its eight modules and numerous activities. We selected the more challenging activities from each module and supplemented them with outside resources. We also decided that the project would work Continue reading Part 1: One Hen at Home