Facts from Max: Student Shares His One Hen Experience

This spring, 10 year-old Max LaRose worked with his 4th grade class at the JFK Elementary School in Canton, MA to start a One Hen business called “Beads for Needs.”  Together with his classmates, Max made beaded keychains, jewelry and hand-drawn note cards, which they then sold at their school play and the One Hen Spring Celebration. Max gave a compelling speech at the Celebration about how the program has helped him develop business and teamwork skills and practice compassion through charitable giving. He also shared that his class has already earned $385 and plans to donate a percentage of these profits to support cancer research, hunger relief or rebuilding homes in Nepal.


Max is passionate about his business and helping others – watch his compelling interview here!

East Boston Teacher Uses His Sports Passion to Motivate Youth

By, Hillary K. Pember

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As a kid growing up in West Roxbury, Michael Crowley’s world revolved around Boston’s sports culture. Crowley spent every free moment practicing and pretending to play for the Bruins or Red Sox.


“Sports had an immense impact on me. I always did well in school because I was passionately motivated by my love of hockey and baseball and knew if my grades were not good my parents would not let me play,” he recounts.


Crowley’s love of sports drew him to become a volunteer coach for a youth baseball program in the South End. This position brought him face to face with youth who were failing academically and struggling socially with little motivation to change. Over time, Crowley’s work with the South End youth inspired him to become a teacher and dedicate his life to helping young people develop ambition and succeed academically, athletically, and socially.

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