Academy Overview

One Hen Academy is an enrichment program based on the award-winning children's book One Hen: How One Small Loan Made a Big Difference by Katie Smith Milway. Students begin by learning the story of a young Ghanaian boy Kojo, who makes a big difference by buying one hen, which in turn lays eggs, and hatches more hens, until he eventually becomes the largest chicken farmer in all of Ghana.

The interactive curriculum teaches elementary and middle school students the fundamentals of money management, the basics of starting a business, and the importance of helping others. Then, inspired by Kojo's story, they receive micro-loans to start simple businesses. Students apply what they have learned, sell their products, and ultimately spend their profits to help others in need.

The One Hen Academy is ideal for 3rd-7th grade students in traditional classroom, homeschool, and afterschool settings, or as a unique enrichment program for a school or organization. The 8 module curriculum leads kids through the core concepts of starting a socially conscious business.


Meets Educational Objectives

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21st century skills, STEM, social studies, ELA, math and experiential education all of these are covered via the learning objectives of One Hen's curriculum. The Academy's experiential approach helps meet the 21st century goals in the areas of innovation, life and career skills, including:


  • Global Awareness - Students learn the similarities and differences between their lives and the life and culture in other countries. They learn about how small entrepreneurs there and around the world are overcoming daunting obstacles to work themselves out of poverty.
  • Personal Initiative - Students are taught that they have the ability to make good choices, set goals and work hard to achieve them.
  • Creative Thinking - Students learn to brainstorm, create products, and come up with creative ideas to market their products.
  • Teamwork - Students learn how to work well in a team.
  • Problem Solving - Students learn that every problem has a solution and practice strategies for effective problem solving as they start and run a small business.

Aligns with the Common Core

The curriculum helps meet many ELA & Math Common Core Standards. Click on each link to see how the One Hen Academy can help you to achieve your CCS objectives.


Fills the Financial Literacy Gap

The Academy prepares kids to make calculated financial decisions before they enter high school, the consumer world, or the workplace. One Hen does this by providing educators with the educational tools to empower kids to make more calculated financial decisions. Program results to date have shown:

  • Financial Literacy + Business Math
    70% increase in understanding of how to calculate profit and determine interest rates.
  • Personal Financial Literacy
    20% increase in the number of students who were able to distinguish between a financial want and need.
  • Global Citizenship & Importance of Giving Back
    60% increase over pre-assessments in the students' philanthropic commitment.
    On average, classrooms donated over $350 to community needs.

Learning Tools and Materials for the Classroom

Your subscription to One Hen Academy will provide all of the tools necessary to execute the program, including:

  • Educator's manual that includes detailed lesson plans material lists, key vocabulary, and detailed instructions on how to carry out each lesson.
  • Student workbooks to accompany the lessons.
  • Pre and post curriculum assessments.
  • PowerPoint slides that outline the program structure and provide a useful teaching resource.
  • FAQ sheet to help set up the program.
  • Educator access to One Hen website that provides:
    • A library of supplemental materials that can support classroom learning.
    • An online communication platform to engage students in active learning.
    • The latest curriculum updates.

Check out this program overview, sample lesson plan and FAQs to see if the One Hen Academy is right for you!

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